What is the payment method?
The payment can be made via Paypal or credit card (all major credit cards) via the Paypal website. For people without Paypal there’s still the possibility to proceed with the payment properly, with any and usual credit card (prepaid also accepted, but it must be registered on Paypal). Simply specify the preference to proceed with credit card and not Paypal, the Paypal platform can be used to pay with your card. Axtone Academy will not use your card numbers, payment will always be made via the Paypal platform.

Can I repeat the course? How many times?
The course will be forever yours. You can repeat it whenever you want for as long as you like.

What is the sequencer/DAW used in the course?
The course will be held in Logic & Ableton Live mainly, but, as the course is focused on the production techniques and not on specific DAW techniques, it is possible to follow it efficiently with any sequencer.

Should I be a master in ABLETON LIVE or LOGIC?
No. Every technique can be applied on every DAW without any problem.

Can I buy just one lesson?
No. Our course is structured with a specific flow, taught by sound engineers, music teachers, A&Rs and music industry professionals to guide the student through a techniques and processes’ flow, in order to gain knowledge on fundamental aspects to produce high quality’s works from zero.

Will I be 100% signed to AXTONE?
The decision is up to our A&R team: they’ll consider if submitted tracks from students could be suitable for AXTONE and optimal for the recording market. All students are guaranteed priority evaluation from the AXTONE team.

Do Videos have copyright?
Every video has COPYRIGHT. Only students have exclusive access to the “material”. Moreover, every video is branded with USER ID, date and timestamping to guarantee the exclusivity of the learning process.

Must I have a WEBCAM?
No, the students can follow the course in a regular way and they can interact thanks to the forum for every request.

Must I have a BROAD-BAND HIGH SPEED Connection?
No, the videos are on-demand and through a specific platform and so it is sufficient to have a normal broadband connection. Every video is encrypted with a specific algorithm that minimizes the bandwidth needed. Moreover, they are in variable bit rate so you can adapt the viewing experience to any speed of your system.